Member Info

2022 Foxburg Country Club Board of Governors:

Leo Marron, President        

Tom Pore, Vice President

Andy Rapp, Treasurer

Robin Farrington, Secretary

Board Members:

          Rob Foust    Stephen Buzard    Jerry Marron      John Kaufman  Mark Nevel  .           

Duck Smith   Ted Marron    Nick McGuirk    Ron Paranick     Bill Zimmerman 

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the first Monday of every month in the FCC

Clubhouse at 6:00 PM. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

(Winter meetings are held remotely.  Contact Board  for a link.)

Foxburg Country Club

2021 Member Events

Meyer Open


2021 Meyer Open results:


     1st  -    Mike Lavan, Brooks Lavan, Andy Pore, Tom Pore

     2nd  -   John Kaufman, Ted Marron, Nick McGuirk, Adam Hile

     5th  -    Frank Hulick, Doug Knox,  Jim Wagner, Duncan Sargent

     10th. -  Eric Snyder, Josh Defibaugh, Matt Knight, Mike Stewart

Spring Member Member

2021  Spring M/M Results:

     Winning Team:  Don Hahn and Eric Easton

     Runners-up:  Brooks Lavan and Jim Gentile

     15th Place:  Rob Foust and Duck Smith

     Low Score Early Tee:  Dick Howard and John Hook

     Low Score Late Tee:  Tom Pore and Jerry Marron

                                                                                           Team Match Play


2021 Results:

     Champions:  Mark Nevel and Chris McNany

     Runners-up:  Duck Smith and Ken Best


Ford Cup sponsored by the Allegheny Grille



    Win:    Mike Lavan, Brooks Lavan, Brandan Kapp

    Place    Jeff Carr, Dave Freeman, Jim Hartzell

    Show:  -  Mark Nevel, Chris McNany, Bud Kasmoch


Foxburg Club Championship  -  

2021 Champion -  Shawn Courson

Final results:  

Champ Flight

  1. * Shawn Courson  71  71  36   -   178

  2. Bill Strauser. 72  73   33   -   178

T3.  Andy Ganoe  73  77. 35   -  185   

T3   Gary VanSickle. 74  76. 35  -  185

  * Won playoff

First Flight 

  1. Rick Scott. 80  82   -  162

  2. Duck Smith  81  82   -  163

  3. Tom Pore  85  81   -   166

  4. Les McGinnis  81  89  -   170


1.  Zane Thompson   65  69  - 134

2.  Les McGinnis.  64  72  -  136



Thursday Champ Low Gross  -  Logan Pistorius   70. (Logan was unable to compete on Saturday)

Thursday First Low Gross  -  Rick Scott. 80

Thursday Low Net. -  Les McGinnis. 64


Saturday Champ Low Gross  -  Shawn Courson  71

Saturday First Low Gross  -  Tom Pore  81

Saturday Low Net. -  Zane Thompson  69

Member/Guest Practice Round



2021 Thursday winners:

   Low Net     Chris McNany/Bud Kasmoch

   2nd Low Net   Rob Foust/Gary Whittington


   Low Gross   Kevin Hoffman/Jack Monnoyer



Final results:  


     Champions  -  John Kaufman/Nick McGuirk

     2nd Place   -   John  Petanovich/Les McGinnis

     3rd Place   -    Jeff Carr/John Marron


     Shootout qualifiers  -  Rob Thompson/Jim Hartzell

                                        Bruce Whitehair/Jim Martin

                                        Mike Steadman/Steve McFadden

                                        Andrew Rapp/Garrett Giles

                                        Duck Smith/Brian Smith

Junior Club Championship


2021 Junior Club Championship players were  Hudson Bliss, Brock Dittman, Chloe Fritch, Joe Rapp, Koen Strauser, Quinn Sundling, Dane Wenner, Dalton Wenner.



Junior Champion  -  Joe Rapp

Runner-up  -   Dane Wenner

3rd Place  -  Chloe Fritch

12 and under Champ  -  Brock Dittman

Runner-up  -Quinn Sundling

The most memorable shot of the event was for an Eagle 2 recorded  by Dalton Wenner on #4. 




                     2021 Commissioners Cup Champions


                                     Nick McGuirk - Captain

                                     Ted Marron - Asst Capt

                  Bert Snyder                                Jerry Marron

                  Bill Larson                                   Jim Martin

                  Bill Strauser                               John Camlin

                  Bob Larson                                 Jon Pennline

                  Brodie Irwin                               Leo Marron

                  Brooks Lavan                            Mike Lavan

                  Ethan Nevel                               Ryan Bartley

                  Fred Lewis                                  Shawn Pisrorius

                  Joe Rapp                                      Steve Larson

Spider/Weible Classic

Date:  Postponed

              Tee times TBD

Format:  3-person Scramble with handicap

                   "Challenging" pin placements

Entry fee:  $105 per team includes golf, cart, food and prizes 

Entry deadline:  TBD

This event is open to members and guests

2020Spider/Weible results:

        1st Place  -  Tom Pore, Bill Strauser, Jerry Marron

        2nd Place  -  Chuck Kahle, Jin Arner, John Camlin

        3rd Place. -  Rob Thompson, Zane Thompson, Stephen Buzard