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2023 Foxburg Country Club Board of Governors:

Leo Marron, President        

Don Smith, Vice President

Andy Rapp, Treasurer

Tom Pore, Secretary

              Stephen Buzard    Jerry Marron      John Kaufman    Mark Nevel  .           

Ted Marron    Nick McGuirk    Ron Paranick     Bill Zimmerman  Rob Foust

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the first Monday of every month in the FCC

Clubhouse at 6:00 PM. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

(Meetings during winter are held remotely.  Contact Board  for a link.)

2022 Tournaments will be posted in March
2021 Member Tournaments

Meyer Open

Prize results:


     1st  -    Ted Marron, Dave Sherman, Stephen Buzard, Jerry Marron

     5th  -    Tom Meyer, Frank Hulick, Doug Knox, Bob Yuhas

     10th. -  Rich Kuhns, Deb Kuhns, Rhett Burnsworht, Tom Palangio

     15th -  Joyce, Brosnahan, Elizabeth Knight, Sue Brosnahan, Jan Walters

                     Mark Brosnahan, Larry Adams, Mitch Overheim, John Brosnahan

Foxburg Team Championship  - cancelled


Date:  TBD

2020 Team Championship will be  a Round Robin type format

Enter as a two person team

Full handicap

Teams will be playing in divisions - number of divisions dependent on number of entrants

Each team will be scheduled to play 1-2 matches per month in May, June and July.  Division winners will square off in August and/or September

Each division match:   3 points for Win        1 point for Tie          0 points for Loss

  -  Most points wins division and qualifies for Final Match Play elimination tournament (tie breaks apply)

Entry fee: $30.00 per person includes prizes


Spring Member Member



     Winning Team:  Dave Freeman and Jim Hartzell

     Runners-up:  Rob Foust and Duck Smith

     19th Place:  Shane Thompson and Andy Rapp

     Low Score Early Tee:  Seth Montgomery and Dick Mildren

     Low Score Late Tee:  Adam Crawford and Ryan Bartley

Club Championship 2020


    2020 Foxburg Club Champion:  Ted Marron

                                         Runner-up:   Shawn Courson


Ford Cup



Champs  -  John Kaufman, Ryan Bartley, Shawn Courson

2nd Place  -  Dean Kinney, Rob Thompson, Shane Thompson

Best back 9  -  Jim Hartzell, Jeff Carr, Ron Paranick

Best front 9  -  Logan Pistorius, Shawn Pistorius, Eric Fitch

Best early score  -  Dave Mumford, Bill Haun,  Rob Foust

Best late score  -  Tom Pore, Billy Gurner, Andy Pore


Member/Guest Practice Round


Thursday winners:


Low Net     Don Hahn/Jim Hartzell 

2nd Low Net   Mike Steadman, Mike Smyth

  (Scorecard playoff)


Low Gross   Shawn Courson/Nate Silvis



Final results:  

     Champions  -  Ethen Nevel/Zane Thompson

     2nd Place  -  Mike Steadman/Mike Smyth

     3rd Place  -  Duck Smith/Brian Smith


     Shootout qualifiers  -  Shawn Courson/Nate Silvis

                                        Tom Pore/Billy Gurner

                                         Jack Siverling/Mark Krumenacker

                                         Don Hahn/Jim Hartzell

                                         Jerry Marron/Andy Ganoe

Junior Club Championship

Jr Club Championship players were Hudson Bliss, Mike Bulisco, Brock Dittman, Chloe Fritch,

           Joe Rapp, Koen Strauser, and Broc Weigle.


     2020 FCC Junior Club Champion:  Chloe Fritch.


     12 and Under Junior Champ:  Brock Dittman.


Championship Sunday


Club Champion:   Ted Marron

          Runner-up:  Shawn Courson

Net Champion:   Duck Smith

        Runner-up:  Ryan Bartley

           3rd Place:  Logan Pistorius

           4th Place:  Bill Strauser

Commissioners Cup 2020 


For the first time in the five history of Commissioner's Cup the regular match ended in a 22-22 tie.  The final outcome was decided by a sudden death playoff between the players of the Captain's Match  (the final 9-hole match of the event.)


Team Courson wins the 2020 Commissioner's Cup after Captain Shawn Courson and Ryan Spear defeated Captain Ted Marron and Chuck Nettles on the second hole of sudden death.  Congratulations to the 22 golfers on Team Courson 


                                                                Captain:  Shawn Courson

                                          John Kaufman, Asst Capt                 Evan Crawford

                                          Ryan Bartley, Asst Capt                     Fred Lewis

                                          Adam Hile                                                 Greg Chiappini

                                         Bill Gurner                                                Jim Arner

                                          Bob Larson                                               Jim Hartzell

                                         Brody Irwin                                               Rob Thompson

                                         Dan Johnston                                          Rory Page

                                         Dan McDeavitt                                      Ryan Spear

                                         DJ Bevevino                                            Tom Pore

                                         Duck Smith                                              Tracy Kirby

                                         Eric Hoffman

Spider/Weible Classic



        1st Place  -  Tom Pore, Bill Strauser, Jerry Marron

        2nd Place  -  Chuck Kahle, Jin Arner, John Camlin

        3rd Place. -  Rob Thompson, Zane Thompson, Stephen Buzard

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