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Foxburg Golf Preservation Inc. Mission

Any home over 100 years old will have had roofs replaced, rooms redecorated, and plumbing upgraded. The same can be said of people where knee or hip replacements, cosmetic surgery, heart stents are just as common as basement waterproofing.

We are writing because as our venerable Foxburg Country Club celebrates its 135th birthday, she needs a new pair of hips, so to speak.

Foxburg is a living history environment. There aren’t many things you can do today in the same manner that Americans did them in 1887, when Foxburg CC began, unless you still churn your own butter, send telegraph messages in Morse Code, or buy drinks for your Civil War buddies.

You can still step back in time and play nine holes of golf at Foxburg CC, very much the same way it was played in 1887.


The 1887 Project is a public charity formed in 2021 by a group of committed volunteers known as Foxburg Golf Preservation, Inc. The group’s goal is to raise $1 million to address the course needs and the preserve the historic, recreational, economic, health, social and environmental benefits that will come from a Foxburg CC 2.0.

The 1887 Project has retained Ron Forse of Forse Golf Design, a leading national golf course historian and architect to provide a master plan for a Foxburg CC revitalization. Funding for those plans is being underwritten by committed business and community leaders. Forse is best known in the area for restoring the course at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford Springs, Pa., a course that dated back to shortly before 1900.

The 1887 Project is seeking and will accept a wide variety of gifts of all size. Gifts of cash, multiple-year pledges and gifts from estate plans, such as gifts from insurance, wills, retirement assets, trusts, or tax-saving gifts from RMDs (required minimum distributions from retirement plans) are appreciated.  The 1887 Project will actively pursue grants from foundations and corporations. It will also seek gifts from PGA professionals and golf associations.

The 1887 Project is about golf as well as preserving an important piece of history for Pennsylvania while simultaneously delivering an immersive, historical, participatory and enjoyable golf experience for visitors and residents. 


Your participation is critically important to the success of the 1887 Project. It can’t be done by any one individual. But it can be done by all of us working together.

Let’s Work Together

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